Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What's Left Desired

The explanation I gave earlier about religion leaves many I talk to wondering, "where do we come from?" and similar kinds of questions.

Well this is my own explanation about that, It doesn't matter. I don't think it's up for religion to tell us where we come from, it's also not the purpose of religion to tell us where we'll go after we die. Those are answers for science to answer. It does not bother me that I don't know where I come from. It might bother other people, and they find comfort in religion, that's great, then religion has served its purpose.

Personally, I take a much more "we're here now, this is what we have, let's make the best out of it". Many people find themselves amazed and astonished at the complexity of man. We are very complex beings. Too complex to describe. That inability to simplify and explain defies what we as humans find comfort in. Religion comes in, gives God a personality, give God some more power and knowledge, and use that as the basis for their teachings.

As soon as you've gotten enough people to believe that there's a higher power of infinite wisdom and power, you've achieved the ultimate. You can now teach people anything, make it perfectly logical and sensible, and above all, very simple. Now I'm not saying it's bad, in fact, I think it's good. This calms people down, makes them comfortable, and makes them more secure about themselves. It keeps them sane. This isn't only a matter of where we come from. It's also for questions of morality, death, deception, and loss.

What does my explanation say about those? It's the human experience. We live together in this world, we each have frames of reference, we all have experiences and habits. Our habits and actions interact help us interact with each other, affect each other emotionally and physically, and harm each other. It's very unfortunate, but it is what it is


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