Monday, October 16, 2006

The Starting Point

I've had a few discussions about this topic with a few friends before and by the end of the conversation, it all basically boils down to this:

One's believe of God, will explain anything, and one's disbelieve in God will provide a counter explanation for that explanation.

It's a problem i've face over and over again. Basically, there are assumptions people make that stem from the fact that they believe in god, and the other person makes assumptions based on the fact that they don't believe in God. It's all relative.

Now I myself am not an atheist, well, I don't think I am. I see myself at a crossroads, at the peak of a mountain. I can either fall forward, and have a much stronger belief in God than i did before the thought experiment, or I can fall backwards and live as an athiest inside.

Many people propose the fact that "I would rather live believing in God and finding out there wasn't one, than living not believing in God and finding out he does exist, and being screwed". Obviously, there is nothing holy or divine about that statement, hell, if anything, it shows that person has no idea what religion is or what theyr'e praying for.

It's obvious that the religious group believes in another world, a world of divinity, of heaven and hell, of angels and demons which we cannot be a part of. The other group, as I see it, is split into two groups itself, one which believes in another abstract world, but not in a religious sense, rather in a logical sense. The other group denies the existence of any other world altogether.

So in conclusion, it follows that before anything could be reached, this problem has to be solved. What I myself prefer to do, is to use the Cartesian method. I do not deny the existence of God, yet I do not confirm his existence. God for me is on hold, until I sort things out


Blogger Traders Thoughts said...

Choosing to take no action/belief is a form of action. Why is this now an issue for you? You need first to understand that there is a distinction between religion and belief. One does not necessarily imply the other.

Religion is a set of tenets that guide ones action in life. Belief is the conviction to commit to them. You can practice your religion and still be a non-believer. Bridging that gap is a lifelong endeavor if you choose to do so. Even Jesus as a man had a moment of doubt when asked to give his life that others may live.

This only heightens the fact that commitment is the glue that binds religion and belief.

May you find the peace you seek in your journey

4:47 PM  
Blogger Jtaby said...

ah, that's what my next post was gonna be about :)

by the did you find me? i've never used this site before

6:35 PM  

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